Prim8 Mobile

Prim8 Mobile is a freely-available Android OS based application that provides a flexible, customizable, and efficient method to collect behavioral field data in both populated and remote areas. There are many choices for supported hardware, and many researchers currently own the necessary hardware (e.g., Android-based smart phone, tablet, etc.).

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iPrim8 is a behavioral data collection application for use on mobile devices that is customized for the unique requirements of collecting data on captive primate populations. It has been developed with support from the Lincoln Park Zoo. The vision has been to create a maintainable software tool for researchers at the Lester E. Fisher Center for the Study and Conservation of Apes (Fisher Center) and other primatology research institutions to improve and standardize the collection of behavioral data.

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Behavioral Research

At Prim8 Software, we develop applications for Android and iOS platforms to support behavioral researchers across the globe, specializing in supplying solutions to researchers of wild and captive primates, as well as to researchers studying other mammals. We believe that your data should not be tied into a single application, that it should be as easy to collaborate with other researchers as possible, and that your data should be ready for analysis as soon as you record it.

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Prim8 Mobile Google Group

We have opened the Prim8 Software Google group to help Prim8 Mobile users connect and share ideas about what works, what doesn’t, and what could be added in the app. We also want to encourage people to share their experiences in the field and use the forum to discuss general behavioral and sample data collection topics. Welcome!