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Prim8 Mobile is a freely-available Android OS based application that provides a flexible, customizable, and efficient method to collect behavioral field data in both populated and remote areas. There are many choices for supported hardware, and many researchers currently own the necessary hardware (e.g., Android-based smart phone, tablet, etc.). It is a flexible solution to behavioural data collection, allowing the researcher to quickly and easily upload individuals and ethograms either collectively via CSV-formatted files or manually “on-the-fly” using the device itself while in the field. It mimics the way pencil and paper data is collected thus requiring little to no learning curve, but it has a simple interface and required the entry of individual and behavior codes (rather than drop down menus) as a way of preserving battery life, allowing for utmost flexibility in data entry and protocols, and to make it easier to use on small devices with little “screen real estate”.
The program supports any combination of continuous focal follow, instantaneous scan, all occurrence, and ad libitum data. It allows the user to easily collect data in its final digital format and then export it as CSV-formatted files that are ready to be opened in statistical and data analysis packages, drastically reducing both the time spent in collecting and analyzing data and eliminating human errors by obviating intermediate data entry steps. The application not only makes data collection and analysis easy for a single researcher with varying levels of technological expertise, it also provides a common platform and file format that can significantly lower the barriers for performing cross-comparative behavioral studies across research groups.
The program was created by Drs. Scott Johnson and Monica McDonald, (C) 2014. 
Special thanks to the Kansas City and Saint Louis Zoos for permission to carry out the initial testing of this product. Thanks to Drs. Jane Phillips-Conroy and Clifford Jolly for their advice throughout the baboon research and to the Zambian Wildlife Authority for permission to carry out the fieldwork in Zambia that served as the long term testing site for this product. Also thanks to Dr. Crickette Sanz  for helpful ideas during the creation of this software and to Stephanie Musgrave and Isaac Mulenga for assistance in additional testing of this product, as well as ideas for the Prim8 Mobile Users Guide v 1.0 and FAQ.

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