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Prim8 Mobile is free software and comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY. Because it is free, there is currently limited technical support offered for this product. Please see the Prim8 Mobile Users Guide v 1.0 for instructions on how to set up and use the program and the Frequently Asked Questions to answer common questions. You are welcome to redistribute it under certain conditions, but please cite the software in the following manner:
McDonald, M. and S. Johnson (2014). ‘There’s an app for that’: a new program for the collection of behavioural field data. Animal Behaviour 95(0): 81-87
Click here to download the current version (August 2023 update) of the Prim8 Mobile software (you may still download the 2014 version here). Also, please download the following templates for importing your Individuals and Behaviors (Ethogram) files.
Please note: You should save these templates with the names below. However, you MUST name the your final Individuals and Behaviors import files as follows: “prim8_import_biosamples.csv”, “prim8_import_ethogram.csv” and “prim8_import_individuals.csv” respectively.
Individuals templateprim8_import_individuals_template
Ethogram templateprim8_import_ethogram_template
Biosamples templateprim8_import_biosamples_template

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